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Feb 25, 2013 11:30pm PST
this give you the freedom do >>> well first of all, i would not use those phrases, but i'll say that it reflects some of the smart thing that we have done for the first time we have entered into the two-year budge and we have got more reserves than we have ever seen before and this is why moodies would reconsider the ratings for us and i want the ratings to be even better and so we have to keep a very good discipline in our outlook and fiscal compline and we have to continue what we have been doing because it is has been successful because the challenge isn't over the click is still there the sequestering has a huge threat for a number different programs that both of the of us mares are concerned about and just because the state was able to balance the budget we are always making sure that we are investing in the right thing and what is around the corner for san francisco is $4.4 million unfunded healthcare costs for the employees of san francisco and we have to make those right so that they don't come back and hurt us and so these kind of fiscal things it's not because we are l
Feb 26, 2013 12:00pm PST
they carry hope, they use fire they -- oakland is a hub of creativity we are who we are we are political, we are artsy, we are musicians for the entrepreneur oakland is the fantastic place to be your base you can relax absorb the culture and create. and you can look for us to be a technology hub going forward and we have never been followers. and have always been leaders. it's a very unique place and a great place to live. i relax by driving through and gatherings and reliving great memorize of being a kid in oakland and then i may end up just parking around little grand lake theatre and drive down and take a look at the paramount and so if there is a play that is happening and so the first thing that i tell people is go to jack land square and you will be surprised that we have a square and so shore line and it is the it could be the giving of great say food and go see things that inspire me about oakland is again it's ability to change. for every think that you would every say negative about oakland, i can say ten positives we are our own city. oakland to know it, is to love it.. >>
Feb 22, 2013 10:00pm PST
about any of these events visit us at s f gvment gov tv dot ordinary care an . >> enjoy the breakfast, we have a big program this morning so we are just going to go ahead and get started so welcome to all of you. i am mayor aye hustles i'm san francisco public blood pressure of san francisco business times and on behalf of our partner criteria require and carey and knew mark frank and all of our sponsors welcome to our annual mayor's annual for cast and happy valentine's day to awful you and i have already gotten a value ten from mayor lee. are you already fee feelings love this morning we have later pastries for you. this is the 14th year we post together this to look at the i state of city in his our region and there have been so many changes if you think about that have happened in each of these cities and sounding bay area it is last 14 years and if you look at the activity the cranes until the air the hospital building activity the activity ature ports and airports and hospitality sector the booming tech sector and all of the future plans, think about the changes that will happ
Feb 22, 2013 11:00pm PST
city and is our partnership with those cities helps us fulfill our mission, to improve community health. because we know that, with improvement community development and economic vitality we get better access to care and better care. we have enjoyed a robust partnership with mayor lee since he has taken office and even before when he was the city administrator for 20 years, his dedication to the citizens of san francisco and their welfare, have made him an excellent advocate for healthcare access through such programs as healthy san francisco. so please join me in welcome can mayor edwin, lee. . >> thank you crystal and may i give you your value tine. >>> thank you. >> mayor khan, made in san francisco ... all right, good morning everyone. okay. i'll try not to isn't that correcty. and i isn't that correct isn't that correct key. and [spelling?] and so i want to thank all of you for being in san francisco and webcore and others who have been such a great part of the success in this city and i want to thank my great friend mayor khan for coming over here and later on, lat
Feb 25, 2013 10:00pm PST
delighted to have awful you here with us this morning. i think there is more than 600 and we are glad that you gathered with us. our tradition at this event is to alternate between the two cities from year to year and last year we hosted the event in oakland which, is why here here in san francisco this year and is to mayor lee thank you for being the host city this year andmary khan thank you for traveling across the bay that very short way to be here in san francisco. so how many of you are feeling optimistic about 2013? can you raise your hand? right? (applause). ism. it just has a feel? it just has that feel it's started starting out at a good space and with opt mission and that's good goods and this is a good year on top of the giant's 49 win and 49ers making to the bowel and this is all going to put more sales in the regional economy and again there is so much business activity. and we are blessed with just being in this part of the country and the world. i'm very interested in what we are going to hear from our speakers this morning to sort off guide us through this year.
Feb 26, 2013 11:30am PST
that you are used to seeing it and the in the fourth quarter for when which we have data up here the government contracted at a one .0 analyzed rate. and didn't tdon't worry that we are slipping down into contraction that is the best looking contract actual growth that you will see it's slower government spentings and is a slower pace of inventory building and when you look at real drivers of economic growth we are doing a lot better than whereas quarter would indicate and if you look at the forecast here we are looking for two% gdp growth in the next years and so how do we get there and what are the various drivers of that and the first case is that residential construct construction is going to help and that is what got us into this mess so it may seem counterintuitive this is the most macro measure i can use to show the residential activity across the country and obviously this fell off the cliff during the recession and has not meaning fully retraced ground during that time period what might be useful is to think about if this is the demand for new homes what is the real --
Feb 22, 2013 10:30pm PST
the recession and has not meaning fully retraced ground during that time period what might be useful is to think about if this is the demand for new homes what is the real -- i'm sorry the supply of new homes what is the demand for it how many new homes do we really need and nor to get a sense for that i look at this data series from the united states census bureau and this is house of information and if you are young couple getting a first house or an individual who's you know, living in school and getling their first detriment ask a forms the horizontal line going through there is the average from 1961 to 2,000 and leaves out the last deck a i did ask so it says how many newer homes do we really need here and it's one and a quarter million and so may be between one and a quart million and one and-a-half million is where we aught to be and so now i'm going to backup and go to the previous slide and if this was penciled in here it would be a horizontal line through this graph and we would find that we were building way too much at the height of the bubble and so where are we going from here we a
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)